Family Therapy

Family therapy is used to address family concerns using the gifts of the family, to promote health and cohesion. Any change in one part of the family may affect others and the family as a whole. Common concerns include parenting skills, childhood behavioral and developmental difficulties, parent-child conflicts, successfully addressing trauma, and many other concerns. I specialize in children ages 7 and up, and have strengths in addressing anxiety and depression. I use family therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Solution-Focused Therapy most often with children and their families. Family Therapy addresses the connections within the family to rally support. CBT teaches children to challenge negative or fear-based thoughts with logical perceptions and encouragement to improve their confidence and success in mastering challenges. Solution-Focused Therapy offers strategies that encourage and expand strengths and resiliency to help a child build on successes.


Other areas that are helped with the use of Family Therapy include:

            Adjustment challenges,


            Attachment challenges

            Assertiveness training

            Responding to bullies

            Academic challenges

            Organizational strategies


            Oppositional/defiant behaviors

            Divorce/Blended family

            Sexual development and identity


            Career and college readiness skills